21 Sax Salute

Sat 08/26/17 |  12 noon

Tickets: FREE

The 2017 “21 Sax Salute” is an independently produced and managed event, coordinated entirely by Gary Becker and the Kansas City Jazz Advocates.

The Kansas City Jazz Advocates would like for attendees to be aware of the following changes this year:

  • This year’s 21 Sax Salute will be a somber tribute to Bird
  • There will be no restrooms available
  • There will be no electricity, speakers, microphones, etc
  • There will be no formal emcee or featured band
  •  There will be no parking allowed in the cemetery, with the exception of handicap parking
  • There will be no central stage
  • A tent will be available for respite only

For questions, information or media inquiries regarding the 2017 “21 Sax Salute,” please contact Gary Becker and the Kansas City Jazz Advocates.



Following the 21 Sax Salute, join us at Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Heritage Center for a “Chicken Feed” at 2pm!  In the spirit of Bird, we’ll provide drinks, fried chicken and jam out with live jazz by the Elder Statesmen of KC Jazz and Youth Jazz All-Stars! 

Lincoln Cemetery
Kansas City, MO 64126