AUGUST 21-27

Annual Kansas City-wide spotlight of Charlie “Bird” Parker’s life and music.

There’s More To BIRD’S Music

“… most likely in another 25 maybe 50 years some young person will come along and take the style and really do something with it.”
Charlie Parker

No matter how you like to get into the swing, there is something for every jazz lover at:

Venue Showcase

Kansas City’s lengthy list of jazz venues on the scene gets toes tappin’ as fans explore the best jazz spots KC has to offer. Featuring a wide variety of ambiance settings, jazz fans will enjoy jam sessions and concert performances.

Education Programming

Spotlight: Charlie Parker nurtures, strengthens, and promotes talent among student musicians. Community members and fans are invited to expand their knowledge through panel discussions, film screenings, and more!

Social Events

Jazz fans tend to find each other in a town like Kansas City… Whether sipping a cold brew at a beer garden, exploring an art exhibition together, or just simply celebrating live jazz as a group, fans enjoy meeting new fellow jazz and arts patrons.

Spotlight: Kansas City Jazz

KC Jazz ALIVE is working to build a database of musicians, venues, educators, students, etc to create better synergies across jazz sectors in Kansas City. With this information, we plan to implement a strategy to enhance careers in jazz through increased opportunities for career advancement, health insurance, business development and more. Click here to submit your story and be featured. Thank you for your participation!

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    Spotlight: Alan Voss

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Kansas City’s jazz presenters, art exhibitors, and civic and cultural organizations come together to host jam sessions, tours, lectures, exhibits, panel discussions, poetry slams, workshops, and concerts celebrating Kansas City’s own: CHARLIE PARKER.

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