Spotlight: Alan Voss

Spotlight: Alan Voss

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Which instrument do you play or which venue do you manage?

Guitar and Drums

Tell us about your career in jazz.

I studied Jazz Composition at Berklee College Of Music. I wasted many years trying to “Fit The Mold” but have discovered that It’s okay not to fit the mold.

Where can KC Jazz fans watch you perform?

The Savoy
Marketplace at Meadowbrook
Of The Earth Distillery
Stock Hill

Tell us about your passion for jazz and the importance of jazz in Kansas City.

Kansas City has a rich Arts History including Jazz. We have an obligation to not only keep “Jazz” alive but to move it forward.

Who or what is your inspiration for jazz?

Fearless Improvisers who are informed by the tradition but not bound by it.

Please share anything else about yourself, music, or venue that you would like jazz fans to know.

Music Heals. Music Unites. Music is Common Ground. The World needs Live Music now more than ever.

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