“Oh my God …….. The place is full”
“Man you have a bunch of good bass players (in KC)”
These are two quotations that demonstrate another very good day for the 4th annual Charlie Parker Celebration.
We began at the very cool theater downstairs at the Westport Coffee House where Stan Kessler, playing along with Roger Wilder, Jeff Harshbarger and Todd Strait put together a dynamic set that really showcased Tivon, Sullivan, and some of Stan’s music along with others.    Stan’s piece about the Berlin Wall, Berlin November,  was especially moving.  The first set finished with the Charlie Parker tune Bigfoot.  Epic is a word that comes to mind when describing each musician’s solos.  Tom recorded the entire event which is a blessing.   Thanks to Tom and Pam and Stan.
We then went back to the Majestic for another really good dinner and the final set with Matt Villanger joined by Karl McComas-Reichl and John Kizilarmut.   Matt has such an enthusiastic respect for jazz musicians and jazz, it’s contagious.  The motivating result is another great CPC performance.  Thanks again to Brett, and Matt.
Day 8
Today begins with another Meet and Greet the musicians at the Brick House in Martini Corner.   A much more casual after work affair beginning at 5:30 pm.
Next we travel at 8 pm to the Ambassador Hotel to perform with Chris Hazelton and Julia Haile, another growing jazz venue and restaurant.
Finally we end up at the always fun Ship where Micah Herman has put together a special group for a CPC Jam.
Here’s to another great day of celebration Charlie Parker!